Cutting-edge platform with extensive infrastructure

At Fortum Corporate, we have earned the confidence of our clients through our actions and the results we achieve. Our disciplined approach of identifying quality growth stocks, while maintaining a focus on the long-term investment horizon.
Our investment strategies exploit a pervasive, ongoing anomaly in the way equity markets work: that markets focus primarily on the short-term future. They sometimes do not attribute sufficient value to the longer-term future earnings and cash flows of sustainably growing companies.
Our investment strategies emphasise long-term thinking, long-term forecasting and long holding periods in order to exploit this .


We are bound by one objective – to deliver investment outcomes for our clients and to serve its long-term investment responsibilities. We have grown into a leading long-term specialist manager in alternatives.

We focus on our clients and their clients, first, last and only.
Their objectives are our only objectives.

Headquartered in Finland, ethical and sustainable investing isn’t just a part of what we do. Unlike most of our competitors, it’s everything we do.